Founded in 2012 by the collective vision of industry professionals, MAAD Toys™ is a vibrant and innovative toy company that is customer focused, flexible and reactive to consumer trends. Unencumbered by large corporate structures our team is able to focus on reacting quickly to dynamic market situations, innovate freely and respond to our customer requirements providing the platform to maximise every opportunity.  Our collective expertise covers all areas of toy development, from design to manufacturing to distribution, we pride ourselves on being able to bring high quality toys to market quickly and efficiently.

MAAD Toys™ is based in the UK and are the creators of the tremendously popular Scribble Me™ range. Featuring washable Scribble Me™ soft toys and customisable Scribble Me™ bags, our product ranges promote creative play and exercise the imagination. Our products come in a selection of popular licensed children's brands, so they can be enjoyed by all kids.

Our Scribble Me™ products inspire children to be creative. Introducing customisation at an early age which helps to build imaginative thinking and decision making skills. We love making toys that are fun and engaging encouraging children to play and develop.


Licensing character brands is an important part of our product development process and each brand we take on board is carefully selected for it's popularity and reach within our target audience. By immersing ourselves into the world of each brand, we tailor our products to reflect the personalities of the characters we are bringing to life and extend the reach of the stories beyond the screen or page. Through strategic license acquisition we have developed a portfolio of relevant and relatable products that we hope every child can enjoy.


Creativity is the foundation of our business. Every single MAAD™ toy is intricately considered and designed carefully to not only look beautiful but provide children with play value. We truly consider our end users, so that children who receive our products have fun and enjoy creative satisfaction.


Our team holds a wealth of experience in manufacturing high quality products out of Far East Asia. As a responsible company we carefully partner with factories that are ethically audited. In addition we also carry out our own inspections and audits in order to maintain consistent quality and standards.


MAAD Toys Ltd™, based in the UK enjoys the support of many national and regional retailers such as Argos, Wilkinsons, Smyths and Toys R Us. Making sure our products reach as many children as possible in order they may experience the very best toys is our goal. We have a fast growing network of Distributors covering International markets including Europe, the Middle East, Australia and beyond.


Safety in the design and manufacture of our toys is always our starting point, our primary consideration. Our products are independently tested at various phases of the production process, ensuring they are consistent and meet all appropriate International safety standards. Furthermore our products are tested again prior to shipment to maintain the highest possible levels of quality. Maad Toys products are sourced from a range of International manufacturers and the factories used are independently audited to conform to industry standards on workers rights and welfare.

Please enjoy your Maad Toys products with confidence.